Finally negotiation! Iran and US

What has happened? Iran and United States have never had a peaceful day after Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979. They have repeatedly stood in the emergency situation of military war, yet this has never happened as expected.On one side The late leader Ayatollah Khomeini called USA the great devil and on The other hand US president Jorge W Bush has placed Iran in The in the axis of wickedness beside Iraq and North Korea.
But recently a little has changed and it seems that both sides have found it is better to be milder. President Ahmadinejad says we are ready to negotiate on the topic of Iraq. Mr. Larijani reveals of course there is something beyond Iraq affairs, yet be sure we won’t compromise over our national benefits.who stands in a higher position in these negotiations? It is clear that it is Iran. First because of US defeat in Iraq and second because the US president Jorge W Bush is getting weaker and weaker to make a real threat of military war. And Iran knows this fact.