Iran economy today

Iran has a large amount of oil and gas deposits. The developed world is highly dependent in Iranian oil and gas. But Iran has not used this merit to develop its economy for three reasons:
1- Iranian governments did not use it properly, reasonably and economically.
They habitually spent it to compensate their current expenses not economical projects and supporting private section of economy.
2- The 8 year war between Iran and Iraq is the second reason. During those years billions of dollars was spent to run the full sterling war.
3- US-based economical sanction is the third reason which highlighted Iranian dependence to oil instead of trade and industry.
These three reasons have made Iranian economy sick and weak. The advent of president Ahmadinejad made the situation worse. Because his arrogant view toward the outside world has created more tensions. Recently the UN Security Council has condemned Iran for two times. Also president ahmadinejad did not follow the economical scientific rules. Many Iranian economists protested his plans, but he didn’t consider their advices.
The only positive outlook is the extra high price of oil as the result of world economical condition which may save Iranian economy.

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  1. Salam alaykum, Esfandiar.
    It is good to see that you are able to speak, at least by blog, from within Iran. I have been as close to your country as the northern border with Armenia, and it appeared quite beautiful from there.

    I hope, with you, for better days in Iran and around the world, for greater peace between nations.

    Tony Cartledge

  2. The Islamitic world is shocked by a film produced by a politician in a tiny country in Europe. The film is not yet shown, we know hardly anything about the containance, but the islam-world is already tumbling over eachother to prevend the film of broadcasting. Is there anybody in the islam-countries who remembers the film of Monty Pyton, showing the life of Christ? The film was made several decennia ago and nobody in our countries reacted, although we have a lot of Christians in our countries. In our Europian countries and also in the U.S. it’s no problem to critisize religions. That only shows the strength of the religeous people. There are many religions all over the world, but the most agressive and intolerant one is the Islam. When we look at your countries we see women and people with another religion than the Islam being discriminated and even killed. That is weak and vicious. That is what also happened in our countries during the last centuries and makes a religion unacceptable. Screaming protests before even having seen the film about the Islam is rather ridiculous. A bit of self-criticism cannot hurt anybody and can only strengthen somebody in her or his religion.I must say that a religion that puts one person above the other , for instance man above woman or one religion above the other can never be a rightful religion. And also animals, which are also creations of any God you wish, have a right to have a respectable life on this earth!

    A.W. De Haas

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