Democracy in Iran

Iranian System of governing is different from any other country in the world. we can not call it absolutism because nearly all posts all decided in a (so called) democratic way and by voting different from Arab states. Also we can not call it democratic because there is no really free election in Iran.
In fact the world people are not familiar with Iranian system of governing. Even many of western politicians who are in position to deal with Iranian problems are not familiar enough to make right decision toward Iran and Iranians. They usually make mistakes because they don’t know Iran. For example they didn’t support reformist government of president Khatami and this resulted to radical government of president Ahmadinejad.
In this short writing I will give you some information on Iranian system of governing.
1- The leader is elected by the vote of Khobregan council parliament with about 80 members (all are clergymen) there is no limitation of time for leader. The members of this parliament are elected by direct vote of people.
2- The president is elected by direct vote of people of people for four years.
3- The parliament members are elected by Iranian voters for four years (about 300 members).
4- Guardian council with 12members are decided in this way: six clergymen chosen by the leader and six other jurists chosen by the head of judicial system who himself is chosen by the leader.
What is ambiguous?
Guardian council has the widest realm of power. They can decide which person is qualified or unqualified to be a candidate for Parliamentary election, Presidency election, Khobregan election. They can decide candidates for all elections. They have the responsibility to interpret constitution law.
Reformists in Iran are in the side of free election they are against this system of deciding candidates.

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