Iranian parliamentary election is coming

Four next 4 months the most important topic in Iran is parliamentary election. Again reformists and conservatives are getting prepared for joining in this political competition.
Conservatives or the supporters of President Ahmadinejad use national media (TV) to gain enough public votes to possess majority of parliament seats.
On the other hand reformists or supporters of former president Khatami are in a more difficult situation. They may get disqualified by guard council. Also they lack enough media to make close contact to the public. Of curse reformists can make benefit from the dissatisfaction atmosphere of ahmadinejads political and economical program. Regarding their limitation of media Can they use this tool?

Democracy meets moderate Islamists wishes

A quick look at the Islamic countries reveals the fact that moderate Islam coordinates democratic values. In fact if democracy establishes in these countries, moderate Islamists will gain more than anybody else. They will receive the freedom of activities and get ride of cruel dictators which limits their freedom. here is more concrete examples:

In Egypt if a free and just election happens, moderate Islamists will surely achieve at least their minimum rights. Maybe they can win majority of seats of parliament.
In Turkey the situation of Islamists is better. Any time that a free election is performed the winner is an Islamic party like Adalat, Fazilat and Refah. And whenever the military forces prevent free election, the Islamists stand in weaker position.
In Pakistan if general Mosharaf issue the permission of a really free election Islamists will gain more benefits and the freedom of activity.
In Europe Moslems gain a lot of the democratic atmosphere and whenever an undemocratic decision»n like the laws against Hijab» is taken, Islamist will lose more than any body else.

Who is against democracy in Islamic countries?

1- The dictator rulers who feel unsafe about free democracy. They know that in a free democratic election they won’t win.
2- The United States of America! It is surprising if one says that the U.S.A is always at the side of dictators and stands against democracy in Egypt, Pakistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and any other Islamic country.

The story of benzene in Iran

Recently government made a great decision on benzene. That is each automobile has only a share of 3 liters each day. The taxi drivers were permitted to have a share of 15 to 30 liters each day because of their important role in transportation.
This decision was made because Iranians used to buy benzene about 80 Tomans (about 8 cents). And that cost government about 500 Tomans (about 50 cents) per liter. It is said once Putin thr Russian president in his travel to Tehran asked about the price of a liter of benzene and then he asked about a bottle of water that was about 300 tomans. He concluded that in Iran benzene is cheaper than water!
Today the price of benzene has not changed. But the difference is that each car has a special share and can not exceed this limit. Strangely there is no free benzene because the government is afraid of inflation of prices. They say if we deliver free benzene on its real price (500 tomans) it will affect the price of all goods and services in all over Iran and this will inevitably arise public dissatisfaction against government.
Today many Iranians disagree with this decision, some question the way it is carried out. Others blame taxi drivers who sell their share of benzene instead of using it in the transportation system.This is the main story

Finally negotiation! Iran and US

What has happened? Iran and United States have never had a peaceful day after Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979. They have repeatedly stood in the emergency situation of military war, yet this has never happened as expected.On one side The late leader Ayatollah Khomeini called USA the great devil and on The other hand US president Jorge W Bush has placed Iran in The in the axis of wickedness beside Iraq and North Korea.
But recently a little has changed and it seems that both sides have found it is better to be milder. President Ahmadinejad says we are ready to negotiate on the topic of Iraq. Mr. Larijani reveals of course there is something beyond Iraq affairs, yet be sure we won’t compromise over our national benefits.who stands in a higher position in these negotiations? It is clear that it is Iran. First because of US defeat in Iraq and second because the US president Jorge W Bush is getting weaker and weaker to make a real threat of military war. And Iran knows this fact.

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Recently I as a reformist candidate took part in the city Council election in Doroud. I earned about 4000 votes not enough to enter The city Council. I think if a man reveals his views they will grow and develop, and if he conceals them they wont. So I write down my views to be criticized and to develop.
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